The countdown

So the countdown has begun... (duh-duh-duh) I seriously hear that in my head when I type ellipses :)

 My 1st grade lovelies so super excited that it's December, and that Christmas is almost here! I love Christmas as well, believe me, however, we need to get our work done! My fellow teammates and I are all feeling like grouchy pants, but the kiddos are just overwhelmed with excitement that they can not contain themselves.

With being departmentalized, we switch every 50 minutes. We have had to strictly enforce a no-talking rule in the hallway while switching classes. We do a behavior rubric 3-2-1 and 4 for super stellar behavior, while we also offer warnings in between before they drop to a 2. (The expected behavior being a 3.) Today, there were 4 students that cried, because they got moved to warnings for talking in the hallway. Hopefully these kiddos will wake-up and follow the rules :)

I had to share this picture! My kiddos know I love the Steelers, and some of my kids are also Steelers fan. With teaching writing right now, I let the students choose which writing they want to turn in for me to grade. This student wrote how sometimes the Steelers win, which is so true for this season LOL :) Too cute. In little ways, daily, I am reminded of how much I love my job and how blessed I am.

God Bless :)

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