Positive Penny & Negative Nelly

So I consider myself to be a pretty positive Penny. I always look at the glass as half full, try to find the upside in most situations. But my goodness, today I am just dog-gone tired and am feeling pretty exhausted. I know, for those of you that know me, you know I have 4 kids and work full time, and am always juggling something. So aren't I always exhausted?!? No actually, I'm not. I have a pretty high level of energy and am addicted to caffeine :) Coffee is my love!! But today, phhhewww I'm whipped. It could be because I totally got into the lesson today, talking about verb tenses. Reading sentences about verb tenses, students deciding which tense the sentences was. Then as closure, I put on a WII Just Dance "HAPPY" on YouTube, and while we were dancing, I said, "WHAT ARE WE DOING?" they replied 'DANCING". When we finished I said what did we just do and they replied we danced. So I feel like they are getting it :)

Or maybe I am exhausted from the Christmas concert our kiddos had today during their encore/specials/our planning time. Of course when they go to encore, that is normally when we have our planning, but we all went today to cheer our kiddos on. So instead of a 45 minute break, it was more of like a 15 minute planning break.
OR :) I know you are thinking, really?! There's more....but maybe I am exhausted from my own child's Christmas concert tonight. Yes, I did write in yesterdays' blog post about my daughter having a Christmas concert. That one was for grades K-3, while tonight's' concert was grades 4-6. It was very nice, however, I was exhausted! Then my husband, whom is STILL sick, stayed home. My older daughter, also sick, insisted on coming. Then the entire concert she laid on the floor, and then in her grandmothers' arms. We did not get home from there until 8:44!! My kids normally go to bed at 8, so getting home at 8:44 with them still having to get a bath, and me not having ate anything since lunch, well let's just say I was a tad bit annoyed :)

But I can't help by looking at these pictures, how blessed I am not only with my home life with these 4 amazingly gorgeous and well behaved kiddos, but I am also blessed with my co-workers and the school and kiddos I teach each and every day :)

So for Wednesday December 17th, my verb tense literacy activity will be on sale, original price $4.50, on sale for Wednesday only for $3 Verb Tense Activity . We did this together as a whole group, however, students who had verb tense exposure, and were able to read these sentences independently or in a group, would be able to do this as group work.

Another tid-bit about me :) I have what some may call an addictive personality. Some of my obsessions include--coffee, chocolate, nail polish, TpT, babies, clipart---not in any particular order :)

Happy HUMP DAYYYYY --Here's to being a positive Penny!!

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