Spinning my wheels...or verbs

Ok so today was the 3rd day of teaching verbs. It was a great day! That is except for the fact that my last class is just ridiculous! Seriously, but that's for another time.

So here is what I did. First we again, did a warm-up by playing charades with 6 verbs written on cards. The students acted out the verb, while the other students guessed what they were doing? Then when they guessed the verb, we talked about using that verb in a sentence for past tense, present tense, and future tense.

Next I showed the students the spinner paper that has been laminated, to save on paper! We are short on paper, so anyway I can say some paper, I say AWESOME! This is what the spinner looks like
I modeled spinning the spinner, getting a verb, using the same verb for a past, present, and future sentence. I then sent the kids back to their desk with a laminated board and paper clip, they already had dry erase markers at their desk, then I handed out tissues to use as erasers. As the students got done writing down 3 sentences for a verb for past, present, and future--I walked around the room, checking their tenses to make sure they were using them correctly.
Then when they raised their hand to tell me that they were finished, I did a quick check, and said ok, spin another verb. They would then spin another verb and created 3 new sentences with their new verb for past, present, and future tenses. They did this activity for about 12-15 minutes. They then returned to the carpet and I went over their homework--which was a paper copy of one of these that they are to do on their own. So because of this my Verb Spinner Literacy Center will be on sale for THURSDAY only!! It normally costs $2.50, it's on sale for $1.75 Verb Tense Spinners or if you are interested in the entire  Verbs Bundle it saves you 20% !!

On another note, I had a sick child last night. As I had said in last night's blog post, she was sick at her brothers concert. I gave her tylenol when we got home, but then she woke up at 3 and wanted to get in bed with us. Well my husband is also sick, so I just brought her out to the couch and we laid out there. I was wide awake for some reason, and had trouble falling back asleep. I guess I finally fell asleep, and never even heard my alarm go off. My husband woke me up at 5:40 (I normally get up at 4:30) so I quickly jumped in the shower and got ready. I was super tired so....
of course I had to get 2 coffees lol :) Well I guess I didn't have to, but anyone that knows me knows I'm a little bit over board. But in my defense, as I was going through dunkin donuts drive thru I thought to myself, man I am super thirsty, I'm not going to be able to drink hot coffee quickly, so I need to get a iced coffee too.  I know, I am quite ridiculous myself :)


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