Hey teacher friends!! Hopefully those of you that have been hit by the snowstorm are back in the classroom. I am not. But really I'm ok with that!! Look who I get to hang with!

We have spent pretty much the entire week in our pajamas! Coloring, playing with Minnie, watching some movies, taking small walks crunching in the snow (she says "Crunching" and points outside telling me she wants to walk out there :) ). It has been fun :)  My other kiddos have had school, well they had off Monday, and only a 2 hour delay Tuesday, but have it every other day.

I have been able to get a lot of new products created and I am SOOOO excited about them. I just wanted to share with you what's new :)

These fun mini-foldables are perfect for any fictional text. One of them is ALL story elements--characters, setting, beginning, middle, end, and connections. The other one is reading comprehension skills--predicting, questioning, visualizing, comparing, summarizing, and connecting.


This is an INTERACTIVE Opinion Sequencing, which is compatible with both Google Drive, as well as Microsoft OneDrive. It has 10 slides for you students to manipulate and type in, and then they can submit to you :) This is also available as No Prep Printables.

I am very excited about these new INTERACTIVE products I have been creating. You may not think that online learning or activities are good for your students. Or maybe you think they just aren't there yet. I can completely relate! My school was granted 300 MAC books this year. Until December, I was under the notion that they just wouldn't work for my students. Google Classroom was too difficult, they couldn't even read, what were they supposed to do on it!

However, I have learned how to make interactive activities that students can do with success! I don't have all my kiddos get on google classroom at once, I do it while in small group. It has been so engaging, and saved a lot of paper too!!

Check out this video of how it works!

One last creation, and hopefully you can use it!! A freebie for Valentines day writing, check it out HERE.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to request a product, feel free to e-mail me mwhitt613@gmail.com
Hello Friends!! Hope you are staying warm this January!! I live in the east coast in PA, right over the MD line, and this weekend, we have are being blasted with this CRAZY blizzard!!

My husband and youngest are the cutest!! When the snow started, I snapped a picture. We are in the zone of getting approximately 20-30 inches!! Crazy!!

Anyway!! I am participating in a great giveaway today!!

The new, compact INSTAX Mini 8 color models preserve the ease of use and attractive design elements of the existing INSTAX Mini series. At the same time, the Mini 8 cameras offer new features and enhancements. You will instantly notice a slimmer and lighter body. The INSTAX Mini 8 is approximately10% smaller than the Mini 7S in volume ratio. It is now even easier for the consumer to carry around an INSTAX with them everywhere. The new INSTAX Mini 8 features automatic exposure measurement. The camera signals the recommended aperture setting with a flashing LED light and the user can manually adjust the dial to the recommended setting. This helps the user capture the perfect photo every time. A new High-Key mode is available on the INSTAX Mini 8 cameras. This mode enables consumers to take brighter pictures with a soft look -perfect for portraits. The viewfinder has also been improved for enhanced subject viewing. Framing a shot becomes easier for the user with even greater clarity and improved visibility.

This giveaway starts today January 23rd through February 1, 2016!! Here's how you enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!!
Hello my dear friends!!! Hopefully you are off to a great New Year! I have some great news to share!!

My friend, Kelly, from An Apple for the Teacher is giving away a monthly $75 gift certificate for TpT! Do you know how many resources you can buy with $75!! And she's doing it every month!!! HOW AMAZING!!

You can check out the blog post HERE to sign up for the giveaway!!

Good Luck!!

Hey Y'all and Happy New Year!! I am linking up with some super fab friends! I am linking up with Pawsitively Teaching and Inspired Owl's Corner for a fun monthly linky!

So January is one of my MOST favorite months! It's like a fresh start with the new year! I also love snow, and 2015 (December) we didn't see any snow! (Where I live, we even had 70 degree weather at christmas!) Anyway, I hope you enjoy these cute finds from Pinterest as much as I did!!

The first find I came across was from Little Bins for Little Hands, this is a super cute hands-on sciencey, sensory play activity! 


You can check out this blogpost by clicking HERE or on the picture above!

The next cute find is from The Owl Teacher and it's a really cute blog post about shades of meaning with snowman!


You can check out this blogpost by clicking the image above, or clicking HERE!

So the third find is a math one. I think it's my OCD personality that makes me find pinterest finds for literacy, science and math! Anyway, this is super cute and hands-on for the KG or primary classroom! You could even take what this teacher did and up the anty for 1st or 2nd graders.


You can check out the blogpost by clicking the image above or clicking HERE!

I hope you enjoyed my finds, make sure to check out the other bloggers finds for January and feel free to also link up your finds!!

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I'm linking up with the super-fab Farley of Oh Boy Fourth Grade for January Currently!! What a better way to start my 2016!

So I am the momma of 4 youngsters :) Karter (10), Katie (7), Christopher a.k.a. Buddy (6), and Alexa (2). My olders aren't really into snuggling much anymore, so I soak up as much as I can with my baby girl, Lex. Currently, she is finding it hilarious to make her new baby (Christmas present) cry, and then plugging her bottle in her mouth to make her make a gulping sound. Now to any normal human being, this crying baby is seriously annoying, however, the fact that Lex is giggling uncontrollably by doing this, just make me laugh. Seriously, lights up my world :)

Ok, so everyone has different family traditions. I have never heard of eating pork and sauerkraut, until I married my husband. I am from Maryland, born and raised. In fact, we only live 45 minutes from where I grew up. However, my husbands' family traditions are ones that I never heard of!! Anyway, since we first started living together, we have always had pork and sauerkraut as our first dinner of the New Year--he says this was something his grandad always said you MUST have, so we do it :)

Oh man....only 3 more days off. I have my planning done for January, but just the thought of going back.....don't get me wrong, I love my job. BUT....I have loved this time off with my kids and family!!

So one of my goals for 2016 is to re-do our living room. We couldn't afford to re-do the whole house when we moved in 6 years ago. We re-did the carpets and painted the bedrooms, hallways, and kitchen, but the living room was not done. In comparison, it wasn't as in need of being re-done at the time, but NOW....it is my goal in 2016 to have it redone. New floors, new paint, new furniture, new everything!!

I think I've been to the grocery store 3 times this past week. Once for groceries, once for supplies for what I made for New Years Eve, and then the 3rd time for ingredients for what my husband needed for what he was cooking on New Years Eve. But in all those journeys....I didn't get coffee. I didn't realize that we were about out of coffee....until this morning. And if we didn't live 20 minutes from a gas station or town, then I would have already headed to get some :)

My one little word is determined. For 2016, it's all about being determined. I'm determined to be a better me. With that, I mean that I want to be a better mother, wife, teacher, tpt author, daughter, friend, sister. Now, yes, that seems incredibly overwhelming. But, I've thought a lot about it. And too much time is spent on the piddly insignificant things. Such as complaining on what to make for dinner, rather than just making it. Or chatting with co-workers during my planning, rather than getting actual planning done so I don't have to take work home with me--which takes away from my family time.

Wishing you all the best in 2016!!
Happy New Year, my dear teacher friends!

I know that 2016 is going to be a fabulous year! Let's start this year off right with a sale!! Everything in my store, including BUNDLES is 20% off! Today, January 1st through January 3rd!

I have many exciting things coming at you in 2016, are you ready?!?! Make sure you are following my blog, as well as my TpT store!

Wishing you all the best :)
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