Hello Friends!! Welcome :D Hopefully you are enjoying a little summer drink with a festive umbrella!! You are in for some fun! And I'm so glad you are here :) 

So this summer the only book on my reading list is Debbie Dillers' Math Stations : Work Stations you can count on

The school where I teach, every teacher is subject specific. Each teacher is either a STEM or an ELA teacher. This past school year I was a first grade ELA teacher, however, after graciously being given what I wanted by admin, I will be teaching math to grades 1 and 2. 

So the reason I have chosen to read Debbie Diller's book is because first of all I love all her books, second of all I need a little refresher in math and work stations.

For this week only (July 2-July 9), this item will be free!! After that, it was be moved back to it's original price of $3! So be sure to download it by clicking the image below!


As a teacher mom, I thoroughly enjoy my summers. However, it never fails that I get suckered into teaching summer school. I mean the money is really good, and I enjoy helping out, but every year I tell myself I'm not gonna do it, but then when admin goes looking for someone to teach, I'm always the sucker they go to!

But, on my bucket list this summer I have some great things!

First thing on my summer bucket list for 2016, I am taking my family to Disney in one short week! Everyone is so excited! I am a mother to 4 kiddos, ages range from 2 to 11, and each one of them is super excited! I have to admit, my hubs and I are also anxious to go.

The second item on my summer bucket list for 2016 is to complete another project in my living room. Although it has been a SUPER s-l-o-w process, it is getting done. Over spring break I was able to paint the living room, and over late July/early August I hope to pull up the carpet and put hardwood flooring down! Then eventually buy all new furniture for this room, but that'll probably be an October/November purchase!

The third and final item on my bucket list for 2016 is to just enjoy it. Throughout the school year we are in go-mode. Between 2 boys in different leagues in football (fall), basketball (winter), and baseball (spring) and a daughter in baton (year-round) and a 2 year old, we are CONSTANTLY on the go. I always forget how much I love cooking, until summer time! Throughout the school year, we are rushed with quick meals, or pizza, subway, or chinese. The summer I have the time to really enjoy diving into my grandmothers' old cookbooks and trying new recipes.

Feel free to leave a comment below about what is on your summer bucket list.

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