I know, you're probably thinking, really??! Can we get to our holiday break first before we start thinking about going back?!?! Hopefully you have enjoyed/ are enjoying your holiday break!

That first day back is always rough! Kiddos are out of their routines, probably tired from staying up late, you'll have that one or two that cry because they miss their mommy after getting to spend so many days with her. GOOD LUCK! So just to think ahead, so you're not spending all of your Sunday night before you go back searching for ideas and activities for your classroom, I've put together some ideas that may be useful to you and your classroom.

Now these are some ideas I've come up with for the primary classroom (K-2), but if you have some ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments below! 

Write All About It!
If you teach students that are able to put their thoughts into writing, give them some paper, and a prompt, such as What was your favorite part about your break? Or write a story telling me all about your break. 
This allows your students to get out their excitement from their break, wanting to tell YOU and all their classmates every tiny detail! After giving them some time to write, you can then bring them all to the rug (or wherever you meet as a class), and depending on your time, allow some to share. 

Build It!!
What students don't love play-doh? Well actually, I did have one the other year, so if you do have students that don't like it, offer them an alternative (such as paint, draw, color). But give students play-doh to build a scene or a particular part of their break that they liked the most.
When students are finished, you can have them do a gallery walk (walk around the classroom and look at each others work) and then bring them back to the rug to ask any clarifying questions to each other about their artwork.

Review Rules and Procedures
Even though you've spent probably around 80 school days prior to your holiday break in a routine, and you think your kiddos got the rules/procedures down pat--being off for a number of days can really lend to them forgetting what exactly it is they are supposed to do! 
Make sure you build in enough time to review or go over your classroom rules/expectations/procedures. 
You can find the rules/expectations posters--- HERE
Start an highly engaging unit!
Whether it's opinion writing or an author study on Jan Brett, upon returning from holiday break, no better way to engage your students is to start a highly engaging unit!

My students love opinion writing, you can find this What would you choose? book HERE, it's a great way to introduce opinion writing.

Flipbook to reflect on their time off!
Students love flipbooks, this can be used for returning from any break! Click on the picture above to be taken to the flipbook!
If you have any suggestions for returning after holiday break, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!!

Wishing you all the best in the upcoming New Year!!
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