Does anyone else feel that way? My heavens, today was a grand day, but WOW it was full of excitement and overzealous children sugared up. Not only was it Halloween, but also the end of Red Ribbing Week, which was CRAZY HAIR DAY!! But we also had our behavior reward for students that followed the rules (3 strike rule). The reward was a Wii dance party, which was super successful, and I think we will be doing it again in the 2nd marking period. My own children had so much fun trick-or-treating and seeing their friends, and of course getting candy! Now, I have to plan and get ready for conferences with my parents on Monday!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

so I saw TPT post on Facebook this week that teachers are terrific, tenacious, talented, and... And then followers added what they thought. Of course, as predicted, many people said tired, which yes, education and teaching is tiring. HOWEVER, I think many of my co-educators take for granted the fact that they are employed, unlike a lot of America. I mean, many college graduates are not able to find jobs in their fields! And we as teachers, are very fortunate to have a job. I (you probably already guessed) wrote thankful for the opportunity to change the future. I mean seriously---each year we are given the chance to make a difference in a classroom of lives. For a teacher that has taught for 30 years--that's making a different in 600 lives---if they've had a classroom of 20 students each year. A middle or high school year--they have reached the lives of a lot more children! WOW :)

I consider myself to be OUT OF THIS WORLD lucky! With departmentalizing, I get the opportunity to make a difference in 99 students worlds this year--YES 99, I think it's unbelievable and I am so grateful for my job and my teammates, and these students :)

So although we may be tired, with NOVEMBER right around the corner, let's also remember to be Thankful for our classroom, students, and school :)

With that being said, I've created a Thanksgiving Picture Puzzle Freebie, please be sure to leave me some love & feedback if you download!!

Thanksgiving Picture Puzzle FREEBIE

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UGH...you know you are getting sick when you can feel it in your joints...Its has been a cold rainy day here all day. And I can just feel my throat getting scratchy and my joints aching! Taking some meds and going to be earlier!! Well earlier than normal :) What do you do when you get sick? Call sick to work? Work through it?
The weeks and years flow by, I know lots of people feel that way, but days like today I wish I could experience daily. I got to spend the day with my 4 miracles. I still look at each of them and think, WOW, how did I get to be blessed this much?! 4 times over!?! I thank God for the miracles he has given to me, and trusted me to take care of. Today was just amazing , getting to spend time with them, and hear their stories. Now of course, my children are NOT perfect, they also were bickering and tattle taling as well, but I can look past that because of the time that was enjoyable.

Katie had her check-up today, everyone good, then Katie, Karter, and Christopher all had the flu-mist nasal spray--hopefully that will ward off any flu bugs going around this flu season. Then we went and visited with Nana and PopPop, then went over and visited my other grandma's house, Boo.  I feel so blessed that my children get to know my grandparents, although they aren't as mobile, or mobile at all, when I was a kid. I still feel so blessed that they are here. I lost my other grandfather this past April, and I miss him terribly. He always had a smile on his face and a positive or funny word to say. Karter, Katie, and Christopher ask questions about him, and I feel thankful that he got to see Alexa, but I still miss him. <3
After our visits, we came home and hung out a while, then we all got to go to the corn maze and hayride tonight. Just seeing them have fun, and laugh, and play with other children just makes my heart happy. Lord God you have blessed me and I am grateful.
How do you tackle teaching text features? I took the first day to give an overview of the text features, then each day we have focused on a different text feature (or 2) then read a page in a non-fiction text, highlighting the text feature we have discussed. As far as assessing the students knowledge, I have a quick formative assessment that I'm going to give the kiddos where they have a word bank and have to label the different text features (total of 4). Summative assessment wise--in small group, each group has been reading a text at their level about seasons or space. So my thoughts were to have the students write/draw an illustration & caption, a heading, and an important sentence that contains one word with bold print. Teaching text features to 1st graders is a little abstract to them, but hopefully something in one of the lessons will stick! I'd love to hear how you teach text features to your kiddos!
So within our 1st grade team, this year we decided to teach smarter with everything we are expected to do. Rather than being responsible for 1 classroom, we decided to truly buy into the idea of being responsible for ALL the 1st grade, only 1 subject at a time. Yes we are still integrating everything, we work very closely and meet practically daily to discuss ideas/lessons/plans.  So with that being said I am currently teaching the guided reading / daily 5 or "rotations" as the kiddos refer to it. How do you manage the groups in your classroom? Last year I had the kids names typed on card stock, laminated, and a magnet slapped on the back, and my one large whiteboard at the back of the room housed the rotation schedule. So this year with teaching 5 different 1st grade classes of about 20-21 in each class, I kinda struggled with how to manage their names so they could see which rotation they were going to, thus my idea was born

We met on the carpet when it's time for rotations and they see where they are going, meeting with me, computers, word work, buddy read, or read to self, or sometimes work on writing or listening to reading. They LOVE rotations! They love seeing their name and where they are going next. After each rotation I click to the next page of the PDF and viola next rotation. This is also in my store so feel free to check it out!http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Daily-guided-reading-rotation-schedule-EDITABLE-1459231
Do your kiddos struggle with grasping math facts? If so, I have a great product for you to implement into your math centers. It is a football theme, It's time for some math facts! http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Its-Time-for-some-MATH-FACTS-Math-Centers-Aligns-with-1OA5-1OA6-1493917
It is also on sale $2  (originally $3.25) This is a must have in an Early Childhood Classroom! Please check out this engaging math center, and you may find something else in the store you like as well! Happy Columbus Day!
So my kiddos are loving these "iPhones" and reading their text messages. Being that they are laminated, I also have the kiddos marking up the text messages by underlining digraphs and starring any bonus letters (ff, ll, ss). They are really engaged with it! YAY!
So have you ever done a project based learning activity in your room? If you haven't, you have to try it! So, I have a couple different lessons in my store. The first is about Buying School Supplies if you had a certain amount of money, what would you buy. It is here - ..<a title="Let's Go Back to School Shopping Project Based Learning Activity" href="http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/1OA5-1OA6-Lets-Go-Shopping-Project-Based-Learning-Activity-1446465">Let's Go Back to School Shopping Project Based Learning Activity</a> and this project based activity is about planning a birthday party http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/1OA5-1OA6-Lets-Plan-a-Birthday-Party-Project-Based-Learning-Activity-1455964
But now I have created another project based activity. In a world of eating healthy, I am going against the grain! This project based activity is titled, "I WANT CANDY!"
So two different ways to do this lesson.
1) I would first print out the candy cards and laminate them. Then I would introduce the candy cards in small group with different groups of kiddos. Show them the different cards and ask them what they notice (that each card has a price tag). Tell each student they will have a set amount of money to spend. With this activity there are differientated printables depending on your kiddos abilities -$10, $15, $20, $30, $40, and $50. These are what the printables look like:
Children are super engaged with project based learning! They love choosing different items and who doesn't love the concept of 'going shopping'!

Hope all had a great Wednesday! My arm, thankful, is not feeling as sore today! I have been super busy this evening! Karter had football practice until 7:30, then after homework, baths, and goodnight, I had an idea I had to finish! The Spider Math that aligns with common core standard 1.NBT.5 & 1.NBT.6 Here's a picture:
So there are cards 1-120, which the teacher would print, laminate, cut, then there are 6 different worksheets with different spinners on them. The students would choose a card, spin the spinner, then write and solve the equation in the spot provided on the paper. Head over to my store to check it out! All products are on sale the first 48 hours! WootWoot :) Have a great night!  http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Spider-Math-1NBT5-1NBT6-Math-Center-Activity-1489106

Ok so today I finally had my physical (which I haven't had in like 4 years), I know I need to take better care of myself! But my logical thinking is that with all the babies I've had in the last 10 years, if something was wrong with me the OBGYN would have found it :)  Speaking of my babies, here is a picture:

So Christopher just turned 5 in September, Katie is in 1st grade, Karter is in 4th grade, and Alexa will be 1 year old in November! Craziness I know!! But these 4 are my passion and the reason I do everything! Anway, back to the title of this post--OUCH! SO at the doctors today they asked if I wanted a flu shot, of course, as a teacher, being exposed to so many germs, I said YES PLEASE! But I forgot out sore it makes your arm!! As I sit here and type my arm is still a little sore! Remember your flu shot! Have a great night!
Ok so I finally feel like I have a real blog! WHAT?! Not that I didn't before...but I had such an issue getting one through blogger because of my school system has their 'portal' for teachers through google, so needless to say, everytime I would try to create a blog it would tell me the admin wouldn't allow it!

Anyway, so I've been super busy! I can't believe it's October and we are a short few weeks until the end of the 1st marking period!! I am super excited about 2 products that I've created!

The first is a Halloween themed Math & Literacy NO PREP Printables you can find them here:

Halloween falls on a Friday this year, and if your students are anything like mine, it doesn't take much to distract them! So I created these common-core connected printable to have something festive and curricular connected for the kiddos to do on the Friday Oct. 31st.

Another product that I am super duper excited about is Fluency Practice: Reading Text Messages. http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Fluency-Practice-Reading-Text-Messages-1481403

These have been printed and given to our AMAZING volunteer so she can copy on card stock, cut, laminate these babies so my firsties can get their fluency practice on. And what better way to grab their attention and get them interested than reading a text message, what 1st grader doesn't want a smart phone! I will post some pics once I get them back from our volunteer and the students are using them :)

My sweet little "K.Nikki" had her 1st girl scout meeting of the year tonight. They tie-dyed shirts and painted pumpkins. She was so excited to get to see all her little friends outside of school. When we got home, the boys were playing with their hot wheels and tracks, which was great, but they were all over the living room floor. After I took my shoes off, I stepped on 3, OUCH!! Has anyone else ever noticed that when you leave your significant other/husband in charge, it's like a bomb has gone off when you return? It's really like I have 5 children, not 4 lol! God Bless!
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