Amazed & Blessed

The weeks and years flow by, I know lots of people feel that way, but days like today I wish I could experience daily. I got to spend the day with my 4 miracles. I still look at each of them and think, WOW, how did I get to be blessed this much?! 4 times over!?! I thank God for the miracles he has given to me, and trusted me to take care of. Today was just amazing , getting to spend time with them, and hear their stories. Now of course, my children are NOT perfect, they also were bickering and tattle taling as well, but I can look past that because of the time that was enjoyable.

Katie had her check-up today, everyone good, then Katie, Karter, and Christopher all had the flu-mist nasal spray--hopefully that will ward off any flu bugs going around this flu season. Then we went and visited with Nana and PopPop, then went over and visited my other grandma's house, Boo.  I feel so blessed that my children get to know my grandparents, although they aren't as mobile, or mobile at all, when I was a kid. I still feel so blessed that they are here. I lost my other grandfather this past April, and I miss him terribly. He always had a smile on his face and a positive or funny word to say. Karter, Katie, and Christopher ask questions about him, and I feel thankful that he got to see Alexa, but I still miss him. <3
After our visits, we came home and hung out a while, then we all got to go to the corn maze and hayride tonight. Just seeing them have fun, and laugh, and play with other children just makes my heart happy. Lord God you have blessed me and I am grateful.

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