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so I saw TPT post on Facebook this week that teachers are terrific, tenacious, talented, and... And then followers added what they thought. Of course, as predicted, many people said tired, which yes, education and teaching is tiring. HOWEVER, I think many of my co-educators take for granted the fact that they are employed, unlike a lot of America. I mean, many college graduates are not able to find jobs in their fields! And we as teachers, are very fortunate to have a job. I (you probably already guessed) wrote thankful for the opportunity to change the future. I mean seriously---each year we are given the chance to make a difference in a classroom of lives. For a teacher that has taught for 30 years--that's making a different in 600 lives---if they've had a classroom of 20 students each year. A middle or high school year--they have reached the lives of a lot more children! WOW :)

I consider myself to be OUT OF THIS WORLD lucky! With departmentalizing, I get the opportunity to make a difference in 99 students worlds this year--YES 99, I think it's unbelievable and I am so grateful for my job and my teammates, and these students :)

So although we may be tired, with NOVEMBER right around the corner, let's also remember to be Thankful for our classroom, students, and school :)

With that being said, I've created a Thanksgiving Picture Puzzle Freebie, please be sure to leave me some love & feedback if you download!!

Thanksgiving Picture Puzzle FREEBIE

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