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So within our 1st grade team, this year we decided to teach smarter with everything we are expected to do. Rather than being responsible for 1 classroom, we decided to truly buy into the idea of being responsible for ALL the 1st grade, only 1 subject at a time. Yes we are still integrating everything, we work very closely and meet practically daily to discuss ideas/lessons/plans.  So with that being said I am currently teaching the guided reading / daily 5 or "rotations" as the kiddos refer to it. How do you manage the groups in your classroom? Last year I had the kids names typed on card stock, laminated, and a magnet slapped on the back, and my one large whiteboard at the back of the room housed the rotation schedule. So this year with teaching 5 different 1st grade classes of about 20-21 in each class, I kinda struggled with how to manage their names so they could see which rotation they were going to, thus my idea was born

We met on the carpet when it's time for rotations and they see where they are going, meeting with me, computers, word work, buddy read, or read to self, or sometimes work on writing or listening to reading. They LOVE rotations! They love seeing their name and where they are going next. After each rotation I click to the next page of the PDF and viola next rotation. This is also in my store so feel free to check it out!

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  1. What a great idea! I love the rotation schedule. Thanks for "linking up" with my blog. What better way to get great ideas than from fellow teachers!! :D
    A Touch of Class


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