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How do you tackle teaching text features? I took the first day to give an overview of the text features, then each day we have focused on a different text feature (or 2) then read a page in a non-fiction text, highlighting the text feature we have discussed. As far as assessing the students knowledge, I have a quick formative assessment that I'm going to give the kiddos where they have a word bank and have to label the different text features (total of 4). Summative assessment wise--in small group, each group has been reading a text at their level about seasons or space. So my thoughts were to have the students write/draw an illustration & caption, a heading, and an important sentence that contains one word with bold print. Teaching text features to 1st graders is a little abstract to them, but hopefully something in one of the lessons will stick! I'd love to hear how you teach text features to your kiddos!

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