Ok so I finally feel like I have a real blog! WHAT?! Not that I didn't before...but I had such an issue getting one through blogger because of my school system has their 'portal' for teachers through google, so needless to say, everytime I would try to create a blog it would tell me the admin wouldn't allow it!

Anyway, so I've been super busy! I can't believe it's October and we are a short few weeks until the end of the 1st marking period!! I am super excited about 2 products that I've created!

The first is a Halloween themed Math & Literacy NO PREP Printables you can find them here:

Halloween falls on a Friday this year, and if your students are anything like mine, it doesn't take much to distract them! So I created these common-core connected printable to have something festive and curricular connected for the kiddos to do on the Friday Oct. 31st.

Another product that I am super duper excited about is Fluency Practice: Reading Text Messages.

These have been printed and given to our AMAZING volunteer so she can copy on card stock, cut, laminate these babies so my firsties can get their fluency practice on. And what better way to grab their attention and get them interested than reading a text message, what 1st grader doesn't want a smart phone! I will post some pics once I get them back from our volunteer and the students are using them :)

My sweet little "K.Nikki" had her 1st girl scout meeting of the year tonight. They tie-dyed shirts and painted pumpkins. She was so excited to get to see all her little friends outside of school. When we got home, the boys were playing with their hot wheels and tracks, which was great, but they were all over the living room floor. After I took my shoes off, I stepped on 3, OUCH!! Has anyone else ever noticed that when you leave your significant other/husband in charge, it's like a bomb has gone off when you return? It's really like I have 5 children, not 4 lol! God Bless!

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