Spider Fun

Hope all had a great Wednesday! My arm, thankful, is not feeling as sore today! I have been super busy this evening! Karter had football practice until 7:30, then after homework, baths, and goodnight, I had an idea I had to finish! The Spider Math that aligns with common core standard 1.NBT.5 & 1.NBT.6 Here's a picture:
So there are cards 1-120, which the teacher would print, laminate, cut, then there are 6 different worksheets with different spinners on them. The students would choose a card, spin the spinner, then write and solve the equation in the spot provided on the paper. Head over to my store to check it out! All products are on sale the first 48 hours! WootWoot :) Have a great night!  http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Spider-Math-1NBT5-1NBT6-Math-Center-Activity-1489106

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