Project Based Learning - I WANT CANDY

So have you ever done a project based learning activity in your room? If you haven't, you have to try it! So, I have a couple different lessons in my store. The first is about Buying School Supplies if you had a certain amount of money, what would you buy. It is here - ..<a title="Let's Go Back to School Shopping Project Based Learning Activity" href="">Let's Go Back to School Shopping Project Based Learning Activity</a> and this project based activity is about planning a birthday party
But now I have created another project based activity. In a world of eating healthy, I am going against the grain! This project based activity is titled, "I WANT CANDY!"
So two different ways to do this lesson.
1) I would first print out the candy cards and laminate them. Then I would introduce the candy cards in small group with different groups of kiddos. Show them the different cards and ask them what they notice (that each card has a price tag). Tell each student they will have a set amount of money to spend. With this activity there are differientated printables depending on your kiddos abilities -$10, $15, $20, $30, $40, and $50. These are what the printables look like:
Children are super engaged with project based learning! They love choosing different items and who doesn't love the concept of 'going shopping'!

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