Winter Snow Storm Jonas AFTERMATH :)

Hey teacher friends!! Hopefully those of you that have been hit by the snowstorm are back in the classroom. I am not. But really I'm ok with that!! Look who I get to hang with!

We have spent pretty much the entire week in our pajamas! Coloring, playing with Minnie, watching some movies, taking small walks crunching in the snow (she says "Crunching" and points outside telling me she wants to walk out there :) ). It has been fun :)  My other kiddos have had school, well they had off Monday, and only a 2 hour delay Tuesday, but have it every other day.

I have been able to get a lot of new products created and I am SOOOO excited about them. I just wanted to share with you what's new :)
These fun mini-foldables are perfect for any fictional text. One of them is ALL story elements--characters, setting, beginning, middle, end, and connections. The other one is reading comprehension skills--predicting, questioning, visualizing, comparing, summarizing, and connecting.

This is an INTERACTIVE Opinion Sequencing, which is compatible with both Google Drive, as well as Microsoft OneDrive. It has 10 slides for you students to manipulate and type in, and then they can submit to you :) This is also available as No Prep Printables.

I am very excited about these new INTERACTIVE products I have been creating. You may not think that online learning or activities are good for your students. Or maybe you think they just aren't there yet. I can completely relate! My school was granted 300 MAC books this year. Until December, I was under the notion that they just wouldn't work for my students. Google Classroom was too difficult, they couldn't even read, what were they supposed to do on it!

However, I have learned how to make interactive activities that students can do with success! I don't have all my kiddos get on google classroom at once, I do it while in small group. It has been so engaging, and saved a lot of paper too!!

Check out this video of how it works!

One last creation, and hopefully you can use it!! A freebie for Valentines day writing, check it out HERE.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to request a product, feel free to e-mail me

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