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As I sit here, working on some new products for the 3rd marking period, I am also watching Wedding Crashers. Even though it is almost 10 years, I still love this movie, it makes me laugh. Out. Loud. Every. Time.

Ok so today was day 4 of our verb tense lesson. I introduced the SCOOT game for Verb Tenses. I first showed them the recording sheet. Then I showed them the cards. I asked them what they noticed about the cards. Their answers--they have numbers on them, one word on the card is underlined. So I told them the numbers correlate to where they will write their answers, and the underlined words are the verbs, and they will just need to write P(past) PR(present) or F(future) on their recording sheet. I then showed them how they would rotate. My goodness, for 6 and 7 year olds, they sure quickly caught onto what they had to do. AND they are showing me that they understand verb tense!! DOUBLE WIN :)
So for this reason this Verb Scoot Game will be on sale for $2.00, normally $3.00. Verbs Scoot <----You can find it here :)

Also ALL my Christmas products will be on sale 20% off Friday December 19th through Sunday December 21st.

Does anyone else get all giddy when the book box from Scholastic come? I DO!! I have an obsession with new books, and my kiddos love it too!


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