Three days..what?

Are you ready?? For Christmas that is, I am NOT!! I am freaking out a little bit at the fact that it is about 3 days away!! I have school today and tomorrow, and then my winter break begins. I could have used 2 more days off though, just to get the preparations in order for CHRISTMAS!

So I was super busy this weekend, cooking and baking, I didn't get to write any blog posts!! So what was I doing?!? Well Friday after work, my dear husband took me out to dinner and shopping!
Ahhh..that picture of me totally looks like my mother!! I said I feel like I really don't look like that in person!? :) Then Saturday, didn't do THAT much, except this wild pile of laundry that was consuming my down stairs, so at least that is folded and put away :)

I haven't got too creative with our elf, Sparkle this year. Although one tradition Sparkle has done the past few years since she has started to visit us, is she will bring the kids pjs and a new Christmas movie. So instead of wrapping the clothes up, I just hung them in the tree :) Lol The kids were excited by this!

Yesterday I created some new products New Year Printables and Sneezy the Snowman Supplemental. Printables Both are great additions for the winter for homework, assessments, or just to be added to your sub tub! They will be on sale through Friday!!

Have a fantastic week!!

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