On the 10th day ...

So tonight the true Christmas fun begins! Katie had her Christmas concert, which was great. My mom and step-dad were able to come, although my husband got sick and had to stay home,  think he got the cold I had last week :(

There's a picture of Katie holding Alexa, and then a picture of Katie on stage singing (in the back row). It's so funny when she was singing, she saw me, and she just lit up. She's such a eye-catcher :) I know she's my child, but she is just gorgeous!!

Ok so today was the first day of introducing my mini-lesson of verb tense, and it was a success! The kiddos loved it!
First I had wrote verbs on note cards, folded them up, and had the kids pick a card, act it out, while the other kids guessed the verb they were doing. I then made a chart, adding each word, as the student acted out each word.

After I added the verbs, we watched a brainpopjr video about verb tense, and then I spoke about present tense means it is happening right now, and we either add -ing or -s , then we spoke about future tense and you add will or going to in front of the verb, then we talked about past tense verbs, and adding -ed and we briefly talked about irregular verbs. They loved it!! The last 5 minutes we spent playing Simon Says :) So for that reason, I am putting my verb bundle on sale from $9 to $6 for Tuesday December 16th only, then it will go back to $9 Verb Tense Bundle .

So another peek into my life, I have not only a clip art obsession, but a nail polish obsession!! One whole row in my bathroom closet is filled with nail polish! So I have mentioned it here and there to my students, but here is what I got as my first Christmas present of this year
Jamberry nail--chevron with sparkles!! SO IN LOVE WITH THIS!! I need to get my nails back in shape so I can put these on!! Wishing everyone a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!


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