Just Surviving, or Thriving?

Ok so going into this week, my thought process was, just gotta survive. It's not fair that we have school Monday and Tuesday, when I see my teacher friends on FB and IG that are already enjoying their Christmas Break. The kids are going to be nutso, and absolutely nothing is going to get done. So I planned to do an activity from my SubTub, just to try to get through and SURVIVE the day :) I had also told them about 1 1/2 weeks ago that if they were well-behaved, there was supossed to be a special visitor. I had told them I got a note on my desk stating that the special visitor would arrive when they were all listening and acting with integrity. (I tried to drag it out as long as I could, yet still keeping their interest.) So yesterday our special guest, Snowball, arrived.

We read Pete the Cat Saves Christmas. I told the students they were going to get the chance to convince Santa who they thought was responsible enough to be in charge of Christmas if Santa got sick. They loved this item!!

I modeled writing a letter to Santa. I had the sentence starters "I think..." "One reason is..." "Also..." "Another reason is..." and "That is why I think..." They came up with the rest!

I then sent them back to their desks for them to write their letters. OHHH I also told them they could write in crayon (which they loved!)

Most students wrote to Santa to convince him to leave themselves in charge, but I also gave the students the option of writing to Santa to leave someone else in charge if they felt a classmate was more responsible.
I was so tickled with how engaged they were :) And also that a lot of them choose to write about their classmates, instead of themselves!

Here is the link to the Pete the Cat Saves Christmas Supplemental Printables it will be on sale through Christmas day!

On another note, as I was working on some products last night, and my husband was watching some mindless tv, he turns on a horror movie. Now he knows I do NOT like horror movies, especially when we are going to go to bed in a little bit. He says to me, "Well you are working on the computer." Which yes, that was true, I didn't have to watch it, however, how could I help but look up from my work and see parts of it. I know I'm ridiculous (everyone take note, I am really ridiculous lol), but I can't stand to watch a movie about creepy hill people taking a baby that is about the size of my Alexa :( So when it was time for bed, I told him I would have to stay up for a few minutes and watch something else to get that movie out of my head. Then of course I couldn't fall asleep because I kept thinking about it!! Anyway that is just me :)  Have a great last day of school before Christmas break everyone!!


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