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I am linking up the Teaching Trio for my first Sunday Scoop! So what I have to do, oh my! I have 2 weeks worth of writing to grade!! It is awesome to be departmentalized, especially for planning purposes. The only downside to it, is the grading, especially if you have put off grading writing for 2 weeks. Oh my! My daycare lady is closed Tuesday-Friday this week. I appreciate her so much! She has never went on a vacation, so I have to say she is due!! But with that, I have to take off a few days of work. My sister is watching the kids a day, my mom another day, and that leaves me with 2 of the days. So I have to type up my sub plans for the two days I will be out. Again, another nice side of being departmentalized, I only have to leave plans for 50 mins and the sub will just repeat with each group of kids. The 3rd thing I have to do is put away this gigantic pile of laundry. I have slowly been working on it today, but still have quite a bit to hang up and put away. The two things I hope to do: -Did you realize December 1st is tomorrow?!?! I have a few things for my babies, but I still need to get a lot more. So at some point, I need to do an inventory of what I have purchased, and what still needs to be bought :) -I have been crazy busy this Thanksgiving day weekend working on projects for TpT, and have got a lot of them posted. I have one more place value product I have in my head, that I would like to create or at least work on tonight after my kiddos go to bed. The 1 thing I am happy to do is snuggle with my 4 kids. I love them more than the world, and they validate everything I do is for a reason. I love spending time with them, especially snuggling and watching Christmas movies (the Elf). My older baby girl, Katie, got sick with strep throat, but has been feeling better today with the meds the doc gave her, but she still likes to snuggle with momma :) Don't miss the sitewide sale tomorrow and Tuesday! All my items will be 20% off and Tpt is also offering an additional 10% off! Happy Shopping!!

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  1. Hi Melanie,

    My two girls love to cuddle!! I usually spend the first 10 minutes of the morning cuddling before they get out of bed. I, too, have several ideas in my head for TPT products but must find the time. I'm constantly complaining about time. Have a great week!
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