Parent Teacher Conferences

So today was parent-teacher conference day-duh-duh-DUH. Actually it went swell :) I think the fact that I felt super-prepared helped my confidence in the conferences.

I think when planning for conferences it is key to be super organized, so how did I do that you may wonder?!? Well I had a folder for each student, with some of their work samples sorted by subject area. On a large post-it note on the front of the folder I made some notes.

I wrote their reading level (where they were at the beginning of the year, where they are now), I wrote their math fact level, then I wrote some strengths, and some things I think they should work on.

Our conferences were scheduled every 20 minutes, so it was important to stay on topic of everything. I found that the post-it note helped me to focus myself on what I wanted to say, and also gave this folder with the post-it to the parent, so they had something to take with them.

I feel positive about the way the parent-teacher conferences went, it was nice to get to see my students parents again, and I felt great about getting to tell my students parents how well their students were going and how nicely they were progressing :)

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