Word Problems

Today I piggy-back off of yesterday's lesson with adding 3 addends. Yesterday the kiddos spun the spinner 3 times, adding the numbers with whatever math tool they chose. So today, I took that one step further. I introduced a word problem that had 3 addends that required them to add. On an anchor chart, I had written a word problem. The first thing I modeled was circling the important facts from the word problem. With the students help, we decided the number were important, as well as the words 'how many'. Then I drew a picture to represent the numbers from the word problem. I then modeled using a number line for adding 3 addends. I then showed how to write a number sentence or equation for the addends. I then sent the students back to their seats with a paper that had a word problem, a space for drawing a picture, a space for an equation, and a number line. I showed the same paper on the overhead projector.
 We did the problem together, drawing the picture, using a number line, and writing the equation. I then had the students solve one on their own--that was set up the same way to draw a picture, write an equation and show their thinking on a number line. Some of the students said, "Why do I have to show it three ways?" My explanation to them was, that I knew they were becoming experts at math, especially addition, but now they have to be able to show that they can add or subtract in many different ways. This seemed to be sufficient for them :)

You can find the link here to the printables. Wishing everyone a well rested weekend!!

Take care!

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