SCOOT--what IS it?

Ok, so some people have heard of the game/activity SCOOT, while others are perplexed by it! So I thought I'd take today to write a blog post on it!

So traditionally, SCOOT is played by playing a task card with WHATEVER topic, on each students desk. Each student is given a minute or two to solve or answer the question on their recording sheet. Then when the teacher says, "SCOOT" they move to the next seat.

So I had in my plans for today that each of my rotations ( I work in a departmentalized 1st grade classroom--and I am teaching math this marking period), that we were going to do the activity SCOOT with 1.OA.2 which is adding 3 addends in word problems.

So mother nature hit, we had a 2 hour delay, but yet we were still going to do our rotations, so I would be seeing all 98 of them today. I had to think fast. My rotation time would be cut down from 50 mins to 30 (well actually 28 after entering the room and putting away binders, getting whiteboards out and sitting on the carpet). So I started thinking, well this could really work if they worked as table teams and worked together!! After all, who doesn't love a little friendly competition!!
So as you can see, my kiddos worked with the other 3-4 students at their table. There was at least 1 strong reader at each table to read the word problems. I gave them links as their math tools, but also offered them to exchange them for something else. As they finished a word problem (everyone at their table had to be done), they would raise their hand to 'trade in' for another word problem. I walked around the room, holding the additional word problem cards, swapping them out as needed. I also helped them with any words they didn't know, which surprisingly wasn't a lot!!

 They were all SO excited!! I did this activity in writing for Past, Present, and Future Tense Verbs. You can find that activity here :)

Now for my set of lower readers, because of the 2 hour delay, I only had 9 kiddos in that group (normally 12 are there). So I thought, how can I make this meaningful to them?! So I pulled them together on the carpet. I read the word problem, let them pick their math tool, and had them solve. We made it a little bit competetive on the carpet as well. The person who raised their hand first and could SHOW me the correct answer with their math tools got to put a star by their name on the "Wall of Fame" (On my front Whiteboard, I write their name if they are doing something amazing, then they add stars to it for doing other fantastic things, once they get 5 stars, they get to move to a 4--our behavior system AND they get to pick a prize out of my prize box.)

My kiddos loved this activity, and asked if we could play tomorrow!! I told them I would put the recording sheets in plastic sleeves and put them with the task cards into the math center tub, and they can work on that as a fast finisher activity.

Tomorrow we are moving on to introduction of missing addends (common core 1.oa.8) AND I am getting observed!! We will be working on that for the rest of this week into next. But I do have a SCOOT for 1.OA.8, so I'm sure as a review before we take our quiz we can spend a day reviewing with that!

This SCOOT game mentioned in my post above is found  here SCOOT 1.OA.2 Word Problems . I also did this activity in writing for Past, Present, and Future Tense Verbs. You can find that activity here :)

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