Happy Monday!!

Someone once told me that I needed to wipe that smile off my face. I can't help it, 97% of the time I am smiling. People who don't know me that will say, "Why are you smiling?', like there has to be a reason!! And of course when I have my hair highlighted a bit blonder, my husband jokes and says 'you smile because you don't know what's going on.' He's such a love! lol :)

I smile, or try to smile often, because what's the alternative? Having that mad look, no thank you :) Try it sometime, I promise you will have a better day, even if you just increase your smiling by a mere 25% :D

So today was my first day back after 12 glorious days of being off. Did I want to go back? Well sort of. My own children were wonderful for the majority of the break, however this past weekend, they were constantly tattling on each other, so for that fact I was ready to go back to a routine!

In case you weren't aware, in my school, I am a part of a departmentalized 1st grade team. Currently for this 2nd marking period I am teaching writing---opinion writing. We have about 8 days left in the marking period, so we are winding down with the last Bend of the Lucy Caulkins Opinion writing with the students writing reviews about books. At my school there is much debate about Lucy, however, I like her work! Now yes, she doesn't include all the little things the kiddos are missing, but that has given me the opportunity to incorporate mini-lessons for Fact Vs Opinion, adding conjunctions to our sentences, and using correct verb tense. With each mini-lesson, I only spend 2-3 days depending on how well the kids are doing. But I am excited to finish up with writing, because.............
I get to teach Math!! Can you tell how excited I am!! I have been creating Math Resources like crazy in preparation for the 3rd marking period!! You can check them out here

On a personal note....here's a picture of my pup, Rocs. He is a crazy dog!! He will go outside and sit in the chair, even when I call him to come in, he wants to stay in that chair! He's a true guard dog.
Wishing everyone a great week!

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