Last day teaching writing!

So another benefit with being departmentalized and switching what I teach every marking period is the fact that I get excited about the subject that I have created next! First marking period I taught daily 5 with the small group reading. This marking period I've been teaching writing--following the Lucy Caulkins opinion writing for 1st grade. Third marking period I am teaching math (silent cheer YAY). Then 4th marking period I will be teaching the Phonics program (FUNdations from Wilson) along with part of the small group reading(my team mate will be teaching the other half of small group reading).

So how did I spend the last day with opinion writing? We did our on-demand assessments, which will be their final writing grade on Tuesday. But Wednesday, I was like, hmmmm.....

So this is the idea I came up with!! We also needed something of the students work to hang in the hallway. I read Groundhog Day by Gail Gibbons. We then made a t-chart of reasons some people would want a longer winter, and reasons some people would want spring to come sooner.
I then sent them on their way. Some of my groups I posted sentence starters to help them out.
After they got done writing, they made little groundhog heads to put in the corner, and they I displayed them in the hallway!!

I was very impressed with how much they have gained this marking period with their writing!! Just loved it :)

Wishing all a fantastic friday!!

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