January My Favorite Things

I am linking up with The Teaching Trio to blog about my favorite things!! Being the beginning of the year, and maybe you don't know me (more than likely since I am new to the world of blogs, TpT, and all things social media), I thought I would post my 3 favorite things (besides my children :)

1. My favorite thing is a good cup of coffee. But it doesn't have to just be coffee, it could be a latte, or any kind of coffee beverage!! Of course, I absolutely love flavored creamer and sugar. It has to have sugar!! :) I have loved Dunkin Donuts peppermint mocha, but I am sad because I fear it is only a seasonal beverage and they will surely be getting rid of it now that it's January! But they probably will replace it with another fabulous flavor :) There is a Dunkin Donuts right beside my school, so it is very easy to swing by on my way to work--AND they offer a 10% teacher discount! WOOT WOOT!

2. My number 2 is snow days! Now yes, I love snow days now (not so much as they start accumulating). Our county builds in snow days to the calendar, I think maybe 5, so as long as we don't go over that, we still will get out at the tentative June 4th-ish date. We had a snow day on Tuesday (which if you follow me on instagram you saw I didn't find out until I was at school -- @ebersmel). But that's ok because I got some school work done, and am ready for my observation on January 27th :) AND we have already been notified we will have a delay tomorrow (Thursday) due to low temperatures. So I love snow days, every now and then :) It allows me to catch up on my work, and hang out with my babies!

3. My 3rd favorite thing I had to mention was the talented Kimberly Geswein . I am absolutely in love with her fonts. I have slowly been adding her fonts to my computer, and my goodness, her fonts are a-ma-zing!! Eventually I will buy the Commerical Font License, but for now, I purchase a new font license every couple days. I can not get enough of her work!! IN LOVE!!

So that's a little peek into my world, next month I will blog about something more teacher related.

Have a great January!!


  1. I think every teacher out there loves a good snow day! I know I do! In Tennessee they are rare but treasured.
    Tech Crazy Teacher

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  3. You are a teacher after my own heart! Sounds like you have some of my favorite things. In Florida though we don't usually get snow days. We have had sleet days though!

  4. I am with you with the Snow Days!
    B is for Bilingual

  5. I would love a snow day! We haven't had one yet where I teach. Fingers crossed as our reports are coming up and I would love a day to work on them in my quiet classroom. :)

    Hanging Around In Primary

  6. Kimberly Gestein is amazing. I own her Commercial Font License and it is so worth the investment!!! Thanks for sharing your 3 favorites and I absolutely adore your blog. I am your newest follower!!

    Funky in Fourth


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