Let's Go Grocery Shopping: A Freebie

How do you assess your students? Do you give them formal tests or quizzes? Do you a form of a transfer task? Have you given your students choice?

Do I have a freebie for you!! I actually created this for a sub to use while I was out. I had the sub read the Math Start book The Penny Pot. She then spoke with the class about a budget. What is a budget? Why is it important? Then the students got the printable. They talked about what they noticed. That they had a specific amount to spend and that each item cost money. The students were told they couldn't go over the amounts they were given.

There are also differentiated amounts for students at different levels. Students have either $5, $10, $15, $20 to spend at the grocery store.

Come check it out!! Let's Go Grocery Shopping Freebie


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