The difference between try and triumph is a little umph

Ok so there's no trick here. No magic spell :) But if you are wondering how to get your students to do exactly what you want. I have my experience to share with you.

You have probably heard it a hundred times over--MODEL, MODEL, MODEL. Those little babies are not going to know what to expect if you don't show them how to answer the question or solve the problem. It all starts with the modeling. When I introduce a new concept or standard, I will do it and model it for them, then we will do it together, then I will send them on their own to try their hand at tackling it on their own. This also gives me time to pull small groups for those students I see just aren't getting it when we are doing the 'we do' part.
 Here is a perfect example of my model. I call the tens units "tens rods" and the ones units "baby ones". I relate to this, and I feel like as 1st graders my students relate to this as well. When I modeled the writing part of this answer I didn't say "baby ones", I did however say everything else. My little student added the 'baby' to ones in her answer :)
 Here is another student, I modeled for his class how to answer, and he was able to take my model and us it in his own words on his answer.
Ok, so keep in mind, this answer is one of the top 1st graders in my school. As you can see the directions didn't say explain your thinking. He went above and beyond and made those connections and put it into words. I was so proud when I checked this!

If my students aren't successful at something, I reflect on my teaching--what didn't I do?! Could I have modeled the concept more efficiently. The answer more than likely is YES! Next time your students aren't getting it, whatever the concept may be, reflect on your teaching. Did you model it thoroughly enough for them? No one ever said you can't go back and do it again--SO DO IT!!
I'm going to leave you with that quote--The difference between try and triumph is a little umph. Seriously how perfect is that quote for you and I as teachers!? If we all put that little extra umph in our teaching, OH MY our students would triumph.

Happy Teaching!

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