Minor Standards

So for those of you who are required to teach common core, or a curriculum that is somewhat similar, how do you reach those standards that are not considered 'major' standards, but more of a minor.

Such is the case with 1.MD.4 which is the graphing standard. Unfortunately I did not get to take a full week to teach it. Instead I got about 1 1/2 days!!

With having the students at the carpet, I got them interested or engaged, with posing the question--what kind of ice cream do you like?

They got super excited, they were telling each other, "Ohhh, I like chocolate chip cookie dough" and "I LOVE cherry vanilla" They were already excited! So after having a few of them share out, I told them that today we would be talking about which flavor we would choose, if we have 4 options.

The four options I gave the kiddos were green mint chip, vanilla, chocolate, and cotton candy. I then, row-by-row, gave them a half a post-it note to place in the row of the kind of ice cream they would choose. After everyone had voted their decision and posted their post-its, I asked them, what do you notice about our data? How many people like chocolate? How many like cotton candy? I then asked some comparing questions (which they have been exposed to as warm-up word problems we do daily)-- How many more people like green mint chip than vanilla? The visual of the graph helped them to see the 'extras' and that's how they figured out how many more!

I then sent them back to their seats to complete the activity sheet--which was basically everything we already talked about, but I think it's important for them to write it out as well.

I also have this pack, which is also bundled with some graphing task cards for sale in my store, you can find it here: Graph All About it Lessons, Task Cards, and printables on TpT

Take care!!

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