Worship Wednesday 3/25/15 I will start again

Hello! Happy Wednesday, today I am linking up with Adventures of a Schoolmarm for Worship Wednesday!
Ok, so don't get me wrong, I love spring. I love the warmth the sun gives off! I love the fact that my kids and I can go outside and play. I love the birds chirping and bees buzzing (well not so much the bees), but you get the idea. However, with spring comes baseball season...

In case you weren't aware, I have 4 small people that call me Mom :) I have been abundantly blessed by our Gracious Lord. But when spring starts, so does their baseball season. Oh yeah, I love going and watching my babes play. It makes my heart proud to see them take part in team activities and grow. But....with all that comes practice. Practice 5 nights a week. 3 of them on 2 different teams. Last week, we had practice every.single.night. So do you feel my pain?!? I feel guilty that I am not enjoying every moment with my babies, but sometimes, I just want me time---whether that's doing laundry, veggie out in front of the tv, surfing the net, creating a product for TpT, or just enjoying a cup of coffee. But all that makes me feel so guilty!

Anyway, last Saturday after Karter's practice, I was stressing. The joy of winter to me, is that I get to sit in the warmth of my house and cook or bake or clean, or do whatever, and stay warm! The craziness of running around 7 days a week, when I work full time, just stresses me out. The laundry is piled high to begin with, but when I have to run to practices at night, it gets pushed even further to the back burner. And sometimes, I hate to admit it, I take my frustrations out on my kiddos. When I sit and reflect on my day, I think, 'Man, I should not have snapped at him/her, they were just trying to tell me something'. Again, feeling guilty!

ANYWHO....so on our way home, I stop at Redbox, and get my kiddos a movie--Annie. Now call me crazy, but I had never seen the original. I thought this new Annie was very cute!

There was a song on Annie that really struck a nerve with me, "Who am I"

(Cameron Diaz)
Who am I, what have I become?
Do I stand for something, or for money?
Who am I, where's my good girl gone?
You know I had a good heart once, you see.
(Jamie Foxx)
Who am I, now that my armor's gone
You gave me what I didn't know I needed.
Who am I, now that my heart is won?
I didn't know I need....anyone.
(Chorus Both)
But I've got today, I've got to make,
The best I can of it.
'Cause yesterday is dead and gone,
And me along with it.
I want to start again, so I'll look within
Remember what I wanted.
'Cause I don't know who I've become
But I will trust in it. (2x)
Who am I to spend my life alone?
Forever looking for some place to call home.
Who am I, about to meet myself?
This should feel right but something don't.
(Chorus 2nd Half Repeat (Everyone) (Bridge/Chorus)
I want to start again, so I'll look within
Remember what I wanted.
'Cause I don't know who I've become
I will trust in it (10x)
But today, I've got to make,
The best I can of it.
'Cause yesterday is dead and gone
And me along with it
I want to start again (spoken and sung)

The whole idea that tomorrow is finished and today is a new day, it just spoke volumes to me. Even though we have made mistakes and no one is perfect, we all are sinners, Jesus Christ died for us. At any moment, you, YES YOU, can call upon him and take him into your heart. He loves you that much!  
Believe me, I am far from perfect. At times, I feel so guilty that I could be a better mother, wife, daughter, teacher, friend, granddaughter, Christian!! I mean fill in the blank, and I could be better at it! But that is the amazing thing about our Lord, we can call upon him, pray about, have faith, and he will make amazing things happen! 
We can start today :)

God Bless!!

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