BTS Blog Hop PLUS Giveaway!

I am linking up for a Blog Hop and Giveaway with some fabulous educators! It's that time of year, to start anew, a clean slate, fresh and rested!!

First, I would like to offer you a freebie! One that you can start the new year by printing and adding to you math centers. This product is perfect for the K-3 classroom and can be a fast finisher activity for a student, or an activity for a group of students to work on. You can access it by clicking on the picture.

Next, I would like to tell you about a great product that saved me so much time and headaches! Last year was my 2nd year teaching. I've only ever taught with the common core, but it was still a bumpy year understanding the common core standards and how to teach them. So, my Common Core No Prep Printables BUNDLE 1.NBT was born! These no prep printables allowed me to do check-ins or quick checks with my kiddos to see if they got a concept or if I need to re-teach it. They worked great also for homework, quizzes, or like I mentioned before formative assessments. I also have a Common Core NO PREP Bundle 1.OA

A piece of advice I would love to give other teachers is to not stress. The buses are going to come the first day, regardless of whether you have every cutesy thing in place. Don't worry, the kids WON'T notice any different :) Take a deep breathe, you are going to change lives! How important is that!! Remember to take time to take care of yourself! Those kiddos need you and if you are sick, that isn't good for anyone.

Check out these great rafflecopters for some awesome items! My giveaway is in Rafflecopter 4, and it is a $10 credit to my TPT store!! You can check out my store Momma with a Teaching Mission TPT Store to wishlist some items if you win!!

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Wishing everyone a great back to school season!!! 

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  1. Expect interruptions throughout the day; so, be open-minded & flexible with your lesson plans.


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