Back to School Survival Kit

What a fantastic experience! I hooked up with some fantastic ladies for a Back to School Survival Kit. My partner was Carrie from Adventures in Kinder and Beyond. She is a Kindergarten teacher in Texas. I have been a fan of hers for a while, so it was awesome to be paired with her!!

I was super excited when I got my package! I am a school supplies addict so I couldn't wait to see what Carrie picked out for me!
I am super excited about this adorable item!! I have been a horrible mother! I take pictures of my kids on the first day of school, but I've never remember to write down anything like I have seen others do--SO this is perfect! My kiddos don't start school until August 24th (so I won't have pics posted until after this blog post has been published). But I am so excited to use this!

These babies are dry erase sentence strips! How marvelous! I plan on using these in guided reading, as well as like a centers activity--I'm going to write events of a story on them and then have the students puts them in order. (Then later in the year have them write the major events and put them in order).
These super cute sticky notes are in my small calendar planner in my purse! I am always writing random notes to myself on post-its and they get lost. So I put this notepad in my calendar planner so I always know where it is!!
Oh, confession time. I have an addiction. OK, I have many addictions. BUT, one of those addictions is to PENS!! And scented things---so how perfect are these Tutti-Frutti Scented Markers!! YUMMY! I had to hide them from my daughter, because when she saw me open them, she said, "OHHHHH I want those!!" Sorry sweetie...those are mommas! :)
These jumbo paper clips are perfect for holding my daily work. I teach literacy to two different classes of kiddos. Each class I have 4 guided reading groups, so I am using one of each color for each group! LOVE IT :)
These chalkboard clips are absolutely adorable! I used my chalkboard markers and made labels for my sharpened and UN-sharpened pencils.
These bookmarks are absolutely adorable! Since starting school last week, one of our focuses has been to help each other. So I have been giving these bookmarks away to students who are caught helping others!
Ok, so let's be real....a teacher can never have too many notepads! These notepads are super cute and so festive for back to school!
Awwwww....these mini ink joy pens are super cute and excellent for small hands! I've added them to my writing center and the students will be able to use them (once we've practiced it later in September).
This washi tape (did I spell that right!?!?) is perfect for my classroom! So I use this tape to divide my whiteboard into sections, and these colors match my room perfectly!
Not sure if you can see on the whiteboard--I used the tape to divide to let my students know the date, and what encore (specials) we have today and tomorrow. I also write homework in one of those sections.
So thank you Carrie for you fantastic Back to School Survival Kit!! I absolutely LOVE everything in it, and it has all been put to use!! (I apologize I don't have pictures of it all---I've been overwhelmed with the start of the school year! Whewwww).

Wishing everyone a great school year!

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