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I am so excited for my first link-up with my Tell All Tuesday friends hosted by Jayme at Teach Talk Inspire and Diana at My Day in K. Thank you ladies for this fantastic link-up!

This week is all about a Summer Flashback, how fun!! Who doesn't love reminiscing on the old days and laughing at yourself (or at least I do with some of my fashion choices!)

Now for some fun pictures!!

Oh my word! This picture is from the summer of 2007. I was a single mom, and started dating Chris in September 2006. We took our first 'family' vacation to Ocean City, Maryland for the car show week in May of 2007. My little man had such chubby cheeks!! And my hair is so long! Oh my :)

This is a picture from hmmmm..... the summer of 1999 I think or 2000? I know it was the summer before a school year and I graduated high school in 2001, so I think it had to be 99 or 2000. My grandfather had been diagnosed as legally blind back in the mid-90s. He wanted to go back to his high school reunion in Beckley, West Virginia (I think that was the town name). I had my license, so my dad volunteered me and my sister to take a road trip with my 70 something grandfather. You can imagine our excitement (not at all) to spend a week with our Pop in a town that was foreign to us. However, looking back, I was so grateful for this time. It allowed us to have some really great conversations about life and his memories that I would have never heard about. My grandfather, PopPop, is still alive today. He lives in an assisted living care facility and he will be 90 in February. I have been so blessed to have had my grandparents there for me my entire life. Three out of four of my grandparents are still living, I know I am super lucky :)

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