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So I am currently blessed to be on a week long Spring Break. I know right??! To be honest, I was kinda annoyed that we had to go to school into June, however, I am LOVIN this week off right now :) The downside is that my own children's school does not have this week off! They get off for Friday, but that's it! So my two younger babes, who aren't in school yet, are chatting it up. Well really, Buddy, is the one chatting, while Lex is just in for the ride (ignore the van with the broken headlight in the background lol)!!

So today it is calling for weather in the 70s!! I am super excited, especially because the warmest it has gotten so far this year is 49! We love playing outside, but the 40s is just too cool for baby girl to play outside! So we are looking forward to this warmer Spring weather!!
Ok, so I'm on spring break! Do I really need to take a shower if I'm not going anywhere!??! LOL :)I will shower later, I have to take my older daughter, Katie, to the dentist :)
I have seriously loved this time off with my kids, I would love to just start summer immediately!! Only one more marking period, which is like 40 days of school!! What have I done this spring break? Absolutely nothing!! And I have LOVED it!! I mean, I cleaned the house a little, did some laundry, my youngest had tubes put in her ears, made dinner. But I have done what I've wanted to do most--enjoy my kids and relax! And that has been accomplished :)
I drink ALOT of coffee anyway! My mom got me a Keurig for my classroom, and there's a Dunkin Donuts beside my school. I drink coffee when I get up, once throughout the school day, then probably 2 cups after I get home in the evening. But with being off school, I have drank SOOO much coffee :) LOL In fact, Monday, when my baby had her procedure, I didn't have time to drink coffee. We had to be at the surgical center at 6 am and I just didn't have time to make a cup or stop and get a cup of coffee. I had THE WORST headache because of it!! The kinda clued me into the fact that MAYBE I'm a coffee addict!
So I started my TpT store around the same time I started my blog. I have no idea where I got the name 'Momma with a Teaching Mission', other than the fact that I am a mom of 4 and truly feel that I have a mission to teach kiddos. I have always wanted to be a teacher, but I got pregnant with my eldest when I was a junior in college, studying at Towson to be a PE teacher. I dropped out of school and worked 2 jobs to make ends meet for my baby boy and I. I struggled, ALOT! I was a single mom, and it seemed like our future was bleak and dismal! I met my husband, and we had 2 more kiddos. When Christopher was about a year old, my husband encouraged me to go back to school. I continued to work and go to school full-time, taking online classes and some blended classes (half in person, half online). I finished my undergrad in Sociology in 2012 and immediately started the Masters of Arts in Teaching program (a 1 year program). May of 2013 I graduated and got hired to teach 1st!!  We also found out we were expecting!! What a tremendous first year teaching and having a new baby!! Complete and utter chaos! However, it was beautiful and I wouldn't change a thing. Like I said, I truly believe GOD had a plan and it has been an amazing journey thus far!!!

Wishing ALL a beautiful April!!


  1. I am on spring break too!! I am hoping this vacation slows down!! Enjoy the warm weather and those precious kiddos!! I can totally relate to the Spring Break To Do List. I am thinking my list is EXACTLY that...nothing but relaxing~
    Busy Bees

  2. hehehe that (no need to shower frog)
    and I thought I was the only one! But hey less showers are good for your hair!

  3. I know what you mean about coffee! I just CAN'T STOP! 4 kids! I'm scared to have just one. You seem like you have it all together though. Enjoy the rest of your Spring Break!

  4. I am SUUUUCH a coffee addict too! Too bad we can't meet and grab a cup together :)

    Enjoy your last few days of break!

  5. I'm from Seattle and I speak coffee too! One starbucks on this island is not enough! I go there way too often. Good thing there are a couple Dunkin Donuts too. Their coffee is pretty good. Being a teacher-turned-stay-at-home-momma showers just don't always happen for me. I can totally relate! I'm a huge fan of your TpT store. Glad to find your blog.
    Joya :)

  6. I love the pictures of your kids! So cute! And your blog name is awesome!


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