Sunday Scoop February 1st

I am linking up for the Sunday Scoop with The Teaching Trio . Here is my scoop for today!
Ok so today I am having my family up to the house for my 2 oldest children's birthday parties. Their birthdays are about 3 weeks apart, so rather than having 2 separate family parties, this year we are combining them.

Have to: So I have to finish cleaning this house!! I started yesterday with dusting and vacuuming the living room and kitchen, but today I need to hit those bathrooms!! I also need to make some food. I already have meatballs in the crockpot. I also need to prep the veggie tray, wings, jalapeno dip, and mac n' cheese. My mother and in-laws are also bringing some food :) My children are old enough to help me, so rather than spending the day telling them "Don't do that...." I hope to be giving them a to do list (and not pulling my hair out) :)

Hope to: I really hope to enjoy this day! It always seems like when we have family over I'm so busy stressing about the food and how the house looks, rather than truly to ENJOY it. That is my goal!! I also hope to see some snow falling today. Yes, like many others, I am OVER winter. However, I would enjoy one last LARGE snowfall for the winter season, then it can leave :)

Happy to: I am so happy to celebrate my two oldest. Karter turned 10 on January 20th, which is so hard to believe!! I feel like it's impossible for him to be that old!! Then Katie will be 7 on February 16th---again makes me want to faint to think she is that old!!! YIKES!!

Also to celebrate the super bowl I am having a 1 day sale for all items in my store!!

Come check it out here:  Momma with a Teaching Mission TpT Store

Wishing everyone a fantastic week!!


  1. Sounds like a busy time at your house. Good luck getting those kiddos to!

  2. I'm sending snow vibes your way! I don't want it over here!
    Hope you were able to enjoy your day!
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