Another Indoor Recess... know the feeling! Another day of indoor recess!?!? When will this eternal winter ever end!! Well don't worry, it's not too far off, right around the corner in fact! I mean Sunday is March 1st, so that means spring is on it's way, right? At least I hope so!!

So with indoor recess, I alternate back and forth between watching a video like Arthur or Magic School bus to playing with games like candyland, dominos, chutes and ladders, to doing the indoor recess mix on gonoodle. Which my favorite in the indoor recess mix on the gonoodle, but we can't do it everyday because I'm afraid they will get tired of it!

So the other day during indoor recess, one of the kiddos said, "Hey Mrs. Ebersole, I know the math tools are tools not toys (which I tell them ALL the time), but can we play with them during indoor recess." To which I responded "SURE" :)
Some of them wanted to build with the tens and ones units. Some of them wanted to count the links.
Some of them lined up all the little counting hippos.
And some of them made me some stylish jewerly from the links!

So many next time, when you are ready to pull your hair out from yet ANOTHER indoor recess day, let the kiddos get out the math tools and 'play' with them. They LOVE it!!

Take care! :)

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