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Today I'm linking up with some fabulous teachers, and Cyndie over at Chalk One Up For the Teacher to showcase 2 items that are 50% for today only!!

The 2 items I have put on sale have been two of my best sellers this spring!

The first product I have marked down 50% from $4.50 to $2.25 is my Interactive Mini-Foldables for Story Elements and Reading Comprehension Strategies. This product is perfect for small group or independent work.

Comprehension Mini-Foldable Books

Interactive, engaging, and fun! 

Your students will flip for these mini flip books!! This was created as a supplemental activity for small group, as well as independent time at the students desk. These can be used with any fictional text!! This is a double sided book. Once you print, there is just ONE just cutting the story elements foldable from the reading comprehension foldable!

This product includes:
1. 2 different mini flip books- one for story elements & one for reading comprehension strategies
2. instruction for printing and assembling flip-book 2 sided

The story elements mini book focuses on characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end.

The reading comprehension book focuses on predicting, questioning, connecting, visualizing, comparing, and summarizing.

This product can be used with any fictional text and is appropriate for grades 1-2, and even lower level 3rd graders for the beginning of the year assessment to see what students know :)

The other product I have marked down 50% from $7.00 to $3.50 is my Goods & Services, Needs & Wants: A Day 10 Unit Plan. This product was perfect for teaching goods and services to my first grade students!


1.4.A.1 Economic Choices - Goods & Services

This is an all inclusive 10 day unit plan for everything you need to teach the social studies standard 1.4.A.1 (Describe economic choices people make about goods and services). 

This pack includes:
♥plans for 10 days worth of teaching
♥books for this unit include- The Big Green Pocketbook & A Chair for my Mother
♥Links to SafeShare YouTube Videos so you are able to watch the videos included in this pack with your class
♥2 Interactive Google Classroom Sorts- one for sorting goods & services and one for sorting needs & wants also with the directions as to how to use it
♥20 task cards to sort goods/services & exit ticket
♥Cut & Paste goods & services sort
♥2 Exit tickets showing what students know about goods & services
♥Response sheet to The Big Green Pocketbook
♥Cut & Paste needs & wants sort
♥24 Task Cards to sort needs/wants & exit ticket
♥List All Recording Sheet for students to list all needs/wants
♥Math activity- including copies of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, and dollars for students to use (if you don't have access to fake money)
♥24 Money Word Problems & recording sheet (2.MD.8)
♥5 Goods/Services/Needs/Wants Passages with Comprehension questions to use in small group instruction, independent work, or homework.This product includes suggested texts

All that for only $3.50!! These deals are only for today only!!!

Make sure to check out the other great deals from sellers over at Chalk One Up For the Teacher.

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