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Welcome! Welcome! Who doesn't L.O.V.E. a great blog hop, and THIS is a GREAT one!! We have many tricks and treats in store, so make sure you don't miss a stop on the hop! 

So first a little bit about me! My name is Melanie and I am a 1st grade teaching in Western Maryland. We are about finished the first marking period and have currently been working on report cards here where I am.
Now for the fun! 
One of the tricks I use as a classroom tool in my class is my "Secret Student". I write all my students names on popsicle sticks and house them in a small container that has magnets that is very close to my document camera. At the beginning of each day, I choose a popsicle stick, and place it face down. Throughout the day, I remind my students, "Remember I am watching the secret student, hopefully they are doing a nice job." At the end of the day, if the student has done a nice job all day- I do the "REVEALING OF THE SECRET STUDENT"--they love the suspense. Normally somehow I will reveal by writing out the number of letters and let the students guess letters (somewhat like hangman). If the secret student has not done a nice job, then I just say, "Oh my, the secret student hasn't done a nice job today, hopefully tomorrow's secret student will do a nice job."  If they are the secret student and do a nice job, I let them pick a prize from my prize jar. 

Now who doesn't love freebies and giveaways!! I know you do :) So my freebie will ONLY be free from October 24th through 31st. After that it will go back to being a paid product! You can snatch your freebie up by clicking this picture:

 These no prep printables are perfect for my beginning readers. It helps them to work on decoding the words, AND comprehending what they are thinking by drawing it! 

My kiddos beg for more of these during word work! I try to switch it up, so they get work on one or two a week.You can find it by clicking on the picture or clicking HERE!

Ok, I am SUPER excited about this giveaway!! I am giving away my Rockin' Readers for November! You can check it out by clicking on the image below.
 The whole thought process behind this product was this. My kids weren't succeeding. Our school has a phonics program that works really well for a lot of kids. My classroom of kiddos just aren't consistently succeeding with this program. So one of the administrators in our county came in and did a sample lesson, BOOM--the idea of Reading Rockstars was born!

From starting out introducing 4-5 words a week, then meeting daily for about 5-7 minutes to review them, by the end of the week, my kiddos are feeling confident and successful and can read these sentences!
 You can enter to wish November's Rocking Readers below!

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Now, make sure to trick and treat to the next blogger!! There are so many goodies in store for you!!


  1. Great ideas! I've done the secret student before- thanks for reminding me (I haven't started it yet this year). Love your limited time freebie.

  2. I love your trick! What a creative idea. I'm sure it's very effective with your little guys.

  3. Your blog is so cute!

  4. I have heard of the secret student before and loved the look of it, unfortunately it wouldn't work in my class but I bet it works wonders in others!

    Teaching Autism


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