Ten on Ten (OCTOBER)

Hello Hello! I am linking up with the amazing Rachael from The Classroom Game Nook for the monthly linky 10 on 10. You share 10 pictures on the 10th of each month with what's going on in your life!

So if you don't know about GO NOODLE you gotta go check it out! It is fabulous for BRAIN BREAKS or it even has INDOOR Recess Mixes. My kiddos just LOVE it, and so do I!
This week, we read Strega Nona, and I found this cute little retelling activity on Better Lesson, its a website where you can search for reading and math lessons by the common core standard.
SO last Sunday, it was pouring down rain. My husband wanted to go to an archery store (with bow season getting ready to start), we go to leave, the van won't start. So, my dear husband spent about 40 mins starting in the rain trying to fix the battery issue (which ended up beginning the starter needed replaced.) I had to call my father-in-law to come get us :(
If you follow me on Instagram (@ebersmel), you would have saw this post. So I'm a Target addict, and I love all their stuff, but especially their home decor. I just had to have 2 of their coffee mugs with me initials :)
I love the fact that on my drive home, I pass many fields, which are filled with cows. It's such a great reminder of all the important things in life. And to just take one day at a time.
This kid. She plays out like no kid I've ever seen. And God love her, she needs her naps. Without them she is one SUPER.HOT.MESS. This was a Saturday she didn't get her normal nap in, so she was out like a light on the way home from the grocery store.
Ok, so I am a first grade teacher. This year our kids are grouped by ability. I teach literacy all day long to two different groups of kiddos. My school district follows Wilson Fundations phonics program, which works for many students. However, my lowest group of kiddos, they are NOT phonics readers. So I created this more WHOLE language activity, you can find the FREE Halloween version HERE. Those 13 kiddos in that low group are reading the words I've introduced and feeling successful!
Just the fall season makes me happy. But I LOVE the fall inspired coffee drinks at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts! My kind of fabulous!
My momma. She's my bff, my rock, and also the person who drives me the craziest! LOL :) But I love her! Here we were trying to find a parking spot in traffic for my older daughter's parade. My mom drives super slow, so finally I had to take over and drive!
This is my youngest son. He loves playing flag football, and I absolutely LOVE watching him :)

Make sure to check back next month for 10 more pictures about what's happening :) And head over to Rachael's blog to read more blogger's 10 on 10!

Wishing you a fab October!

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  1. Hi Melanie!

    Thanks for linking up! Love those Target mugs! It is SO hard to go in that store and come out without extras!

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