My Summer Goals

Summer is in sight. 13 days left of school. So it's the time to start thinking about goals, so I am linking up the fantastic Monica from I Heart Third Grade to put my goals into writing (to hopefully keep me accountable) :)

 So first and foremost, my goals are to truly enjoy my kids. This will be the 1st summer that I am not consumed in something else. I just finished my teaching degree 2 years ago, so before that I worked a normal 12 month job. Even after I finished my degree, for the past 2 summers I have taught summer school from the end of June until the beginning of August.

Now this summer I am still teaching summer school, however, it's only for the first 2 weeks of August. So that gives me the 2nd half of June and all of July. I am so excited to enjoy my children and just be able to relax with them, and get some things checked off our summer bucket list :)  The main things they want to do is go to the pool! But I would like to take them on a few days trips as well :)

My second summer goal is to gear up and get ready for next school year. I've taught 1st grade the last two years, and next school year, my school is completely departmentalizing and going to a more 'grouped' grade level than actual grade level. So I will be teaching K-2 Literacy, and I will be the team leader. I'm excited, yet a little anxious for this new journey!

And if I have to make a third summer goal (although I can't make any promises :D) would be to get my closets (including kiddos) organized. That means getting rid of old stuff!  I really need to make this a higher priority because my basement can barely hold any more containers of kiddos clothes!!

Hopefully you have a great ending to your school year!! We have field day this Friday, as well as so fun activities next week!!

Take care!!

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  1. Hi Melanie!

    I was so excited to wake up and see that you had linked up! Hurray!

    Wishing you a wonderful summer with your children! If they are anything like mine, I am sure they will keep you quite busy - but make sure to bring a camera! Those summer moments make for the best memories!

    Can't wait to see what else you will be linking up this summer!



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