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I am linking up with Farley from Oh Boy 4th Grade for May's Currently!! This is such a fun linky, thanks Farley!

Ok, so it's Saturday morning. All 3 of my older children play baseball. So starting in March, I feel like that's all we do is eat, drink, live, breathe baseball. It's not a bad thing, it's just kind overwhelming to have to eat at Sheetz, the ball field or subs 5 nights a week. I mean I don't mind the not cooking part, it's the un-healthy eating that I'm not a fan of! So this morning, my kiddos are fighting over whose baseball pants is whose. REALLY?? I started writing their name on the tag, but my younger of the 3, can not read yet, and he insists that my daughters pants is his!! Even though I'm telling him it says KATIE on her pants. What.a.morning.

Amongst all the fighting, I am enjoying a cup of Starbucks K-cup coffee with Chocolate Mocha Creamer. DE--LICIOUS. I am a coffee freak, I love it! I could drink it all day long, everyday :)

Ok, so next year, my school is going to a non-traditional model of no grades. It's more of a primary (k-2), and intermediate (3-5) mix of kiddos. So I am going to be a Primary ELA teacher. That means I could be teaching kiddos anywhere from age 5 - age 8. Now they won't necessarily be in the same group, liked ability kiddos will be together. ANYWHO, we have been trying to think about the logistics of it all. What time lunches for all, what time specials/encore? And having the Primary kiddos have similiar blocks of time so they are able to switch from classroom/teacher to classroom/teacher. It's just all making my head spin!!

Ok so I started with Blair Turner's very busy box last month (APRIL), and I absolutely loved everything in it. I was so happy that she offered to buy 2 months at a time. So I purchased the VERYBUSYBOX for both May and June. I am super excited to see what's going to be in it!! If you haven't checked it out, go check it out - Blair's Very Busy Box

So with this baseball season, it has been cool, quite windy/rainy weather. Not the best kind of weather to sit through and watch games. So my kiddos have some games today, so I'm hoping for a little more sunshine and warmer weather!!

Ok, so the countdown is on! 27 days left of school! It is so hard to believe, I feel like this school year has just flown by! I have absolutely loved my kiddos this year (all 97 of them--working in a departmentalized 1st grade). Last year I taught summer school July-August. This year my county is not offering that summer school to kiddos. Instead, they are doing a back to school 10 day program, the 10 days prior to school starting in August. So I am going to be off the entire month of July, and I am so stoked!! My own children can't wait for the fun things I have planned :)

Wishing you a fantastically wonderful May!!


  1. Departmentalized 1st grade?! I've never seen that! I think I would love it though. So many people are talking about this VBB...guess I'm gonna have to get one too now! :) Enjoy your summer!

    Terrific Teaching and Learning

  2. Hey Melanie! I agree with needing sunshine! I am so glad it is May!!!!! YAY! I hope you have so much fun in July with your time off! You deserve it!
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

  3. The baseball days. I remember them with such fondness! Of course, I have to admit I do remember the yelling and scrambling to find cleats and gloves and sunscreen and well, you know what I'm talking about. Good times, though - enjoy!

  4. Yay for coffee! The creamer you mentioned sounds great! I am using a pumpkin space creamer right now. I know it sounds awful, but it is really good. I have about three boxes stored as it is no longer available in the store! Enjoy your baseball!
    Teachers Are Terrific!


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