Beginning of the School Year

Hey my fellow friends!!! Happy back to school season!! Hopefully you are adjusting to those early morning alarm clocks, as well as those late night planning sessions (hopefully not).

I have to be honest. This beginning of the year has me like...

Seriously. I feel like I can post this since I am preggo with baby #5---ahhhhh. Will you have a freak out moment with me??!! Seriously not planned. However, I know some of the greatest things in life aren't planned! But nonetheless ahhhhhhhh :D 

Just have to share our photo. I have to say the boys were very excited to see that baby #5 was a boy, and the girls quickly got over their sadness of no baby sister. 

So the beginning of the school year is in full swing, with 9 days of school under our belts, I have to say WOWOWOW. I am still only teaching STEM this year to the lower level 1st and 2nd graders. My morning blocks consists of 13 kiddos functioning on a 1st/2nd grade math level, and my afternoon block consists of 10 kiddos functioning on a kindergarten math level. It will be an interesting year, and I am super excited to learn along with them!

Many of my students aren't able to learn in traditional ways, so I've had to scour and create things for them that they are able to do, feel success with, as well as be somewhat challenged. So please stay tuned for a series of blog posts in 

I hope to have the first blog post in this series up this weekend (Labor Day--woohoo) on what I have done in my classroom, with some ideas what you can do with your kiddos!

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