Building Morale

Happy day friends!! 

So I'm here to talk about a real topic. A topic that I feel like we can all relate to---co-workers, teammates, partners---whatever you call them--the people you work with. For me, as I write this, we are winding down. It's getting to the point in the year where we are about 75% through the year, only 40 couple days to go. I find that this time of the year many of my co-workers are stressed, annoyed, ready to be done. Believe me, there are days that I feel this way as well :)

So something that I learned from many great teacher bloggers, but I specifically remember Sheila Jane talking about it, is sending notes to staff members.

I try to anonymously send appreciative notes to random staff members once a week. But even sending once a month to different staff members would definitely boost morale. I make them anonymous because I feel like it's not really important that the note is from me, but just that the staff member knows they are appreciated. Here are some I wrote this week:

 Now these blank cards I found at Target in the dollar spot. I think a pack of 10 cards for $1! I mean, how much money do we teachers spend at Target--what's another $1 or 2!! Brighten up a co-workers day! Sometimes I use peoples qualities, like their infectious smiles, or positive attitudes to make the notes a little more personal, and sometimes I feel like my co-workers just need a reminder that someone out there recognizes their dedication and hard work. Go make someone's day!!

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