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Hey, hey, hey! Happy November! I am joining the fabulous Farley for another month of her CURRENTLY linky! You can find her - Oh Boy 4th Grade <---there!

So with 4 little ones, Paw Patrol is one of the shows my littlest loves to watch, so it is currently playing in the background :)
SO about 2 weeks ago, I decided to make a change. I'm not the type of person who has the same hairstyle or hair color for long. And to be honest, I've just gotten T.I.R.E.D. of brown, brown with highlights, lighter brown, blonde, dark brown with red, ALL of it! I'm tired of it!!
So tomorrow, I have my parent-teacher conferences. Now I  only have 13 that I have scheduled, but I also have to meet with my partner teacher (because she teaches the math to my students, while I teach reading) for her parent teacher conferences as well. I am very anxious about it, I always get that way!!

UGGGHHHH, grocery shopping! I don't like meal planning, or grocery shopping. I feel like we are always having the same thing for dinner, and I am always buying the same thing!! Someone come help me! I know in certain areas some grocery stores will have your order ready ahead of time if you go online, we don't have that here :(

I would love some motivation to get my next marking period planned out. I have started, but my motivation has sort of died off. I have the standards in line for what I'll be teaching, but now I need to plug in the activities!

I LOVE New England Clam Chowder, and in fact, I may make that later!! YUMMMMM, spice up our blahblah meals!!

Wishing you all a great November!!


  1. I love grocery shopping online, so sorry that you don't have that near you! Do you read food blogs? They always help me get out of a recipe rut! Love that you're adventurous with your hair- I've never even highlighted mine!


  2. i LOVE your purple hair. I keep threatening to do hot pink in my hair. One day...... As for the grocery store, I feel your pain. I went this morning, so it is done.

    Teaching Under the Sun


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