What's in My Teaching Bag?!?

Hey y'all! Hope you are having a fantastic start to the school year! I am linking up with
The Owl Teacher for a very cool linky, What's in my teacher bag?
 So I have multiple bags I carry to and from work, probably just like you! But here is one of my favorite designed bags!

My gorgeous Macbook! Although it's really NOT mine, it's the schools, I purchased a hard case and colorful chevron silicone key protector (not sure if that's the correct term). Anyway, it makes me happy, and I carry it with me to and from school every day!

Weekly Calendar
My weekly calendar from Krista Wallden I use weekly. I plan out the standards I will be teaching, and I also write any school meetings, or school related activities on this calendar. 

TPT Planner
I ordered this planner from Erin Cobb (unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to Vegas this year, but I purchased it anyway). It is amazing! I am able to track my ideas/stats. Before I'd write an idea on a post it that would get lost, not it's all in one place!
What teacher doesn't have post-its somewhere, whether it's their teacher bag, purse, a desk drawer--wherever!! Post it's are a must have, especially when I'm lesson planning :)
Book- Reading Strategies by Jennifer Serravallo
Seriously, this book is A-mazing! Whether you are a primary teacher or intermediate---seriously 300 reading strategies to help meet your kiddos where they are. I teach only Literacy this year, so this book is my LOVE!!
Blair Turner Paper
Ok, if you don't know who Blair Turner is---run, and go check out her stuff. She is not only a TpTer, but she also has her own line of paper products. Seriously she's brillant, and her stuff is SUPER cute!! Love her work!
Planning materials
I have the teachers planbook for the Social Studies I'm teaching, as well as the Phonics book for the phonics program we teach. 
Mechanical Pencils and Flair Pens
I am a writing utensil WHORE---there I said it. I was actually surprised I only had 1 red pen and 1 mechanical pencil in this bag. I normally have like 15+ writing utensils with me in any given bag at any given time. I love and have an obsession with all things ink/lead! 

So that's it for me, check out the other teacher bags, and link up!!

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  1. I have more than one bag too! I didn't realize that was common! Sometimes I use my wheelie cart instead- it's easier sometimes! lol. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I also have Erin Cobb's Tpt Planner and it's SO amazing! I love it. I will definitely be buying a new one next summer! And I did not know that Blair Turner had her own paper store but now that I know that, I feel like I neeeeeeeeed so many things she makes! Thanks for that great idea!


  3. Seriously, you must be my twin. I love the flair pens, macbook, Blair Turner papers- all of it! My favorite from Blair Turner are the reading conference notes. I use them every day in my classroom! Your bag is super cute, too. :)

    I'm a new follower- I found you from the link up!

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  4. I have Erin Cobb's TpT Planner too, and absolutely love it! I got to see her in Vegas this year. She's a great speaker and so organized! Now that I've read your post, I need to check out Blair Turner's paper store.

    Thanks for sharing!
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